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Product Content Evaluation Pricing - Big Changes in 2020

  1. Consulting is now included. We’ve found that paying clients almost always need assistance, so we’re including up to 3 hours per month free of charge.
  2. The discount for a 1-year subscription is now 50% (Pay 6 months - Get 6 Free). We are sick ourselves of SaaS that offer a measly 10% or 20% for a 1-year upfront payment. We think if you’re going to fork out money in advance, you deserve more!
  3. And to launch our 2020 Pricing, we’re offering an incredible 83% off a 1-Year Subscription. This equates to Pay 2 months - Get 10 Free. This is AppSumo type pricing and, if you have any thoughts at all of needing professional guidance on your Product Content in 2020, you should just grab a 1-Year Subscription and put it in your toolkit.
  4. To further emulate AppSumo the first 10 customers signing up will get that pricing (Pay 2 months - Get 10 Free) permanently! Other customers will renew next year (2021) at the normal Yearly discount (50%).
  5. Our Free Forever Plan now has a massive 100,000 SKU Limit. That means if you’re managing your Product Content yourself, you can get a quality check and score from the world’s most sophisticated, 100% automated Product Content Evaluation Service, totally free, at any time, for almost any size catalog or Data Feed. And if you use a Data Feed Management Service - particularly one that claims to improve your content - you can use our service to keep them honest! Remember, though, you’re missing out on lots of important features, so best to grab our special offer while it’s available.