Announcing the Product Title Performance Grader

Find Out How Much Your Product Titles are Damaging Your Google Shopping Results and How to Improve for Free

FindWAtt Team · 5 October 2017

Today, we’re announcing the release of our new Product Title Performance Grader, a free tool that grades your Product Titles performance by subjecting each title to 20+ tests and calculating your data feed’s overall Product Title Performance Grade (PTPG).

What does the Product Title Performance Grader Do?

The Product Title Performance Grader is an instant audit of your Product Titles. It checks to see that your titles are following all of the requirements and recommendations from Google Shopping and then adds some best practices that we've found throughout our experience with optimizing hundreds of data feeds.

Some highlights of the Performance Grader:

  • It's FREE for data feeds with up to 100,000 products.
  • It's fast & automated. Just upload a .xls or .cvs and receive a PDF report in as little as 5 minutes (may take up to a few hours for 100K products)
  • It provides advice on how to improve your titles.

The image below is a summary of what you'll get in the PDF report.

  • Your Average Title Score (for all the datasets we've seen, the average score is 80)
  • How many total errors we've found and how many of each error was found
  • Additional pages that detail each error, including examples from your dataset.

Why is the Product Title Performance Grader So Important?

A Product Title Performance Grade provides an estimate of the bottom-line impact that better titles would have on:

  • Increasing Impressions
  • Improving Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Increasing Clicks
  • Reducing Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Increasing Conversions
  • Improving Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS)

Q4 and the start of the Holiday Season is a critical time to know whether your Product Titles are hurting or helping your bottom-line revenue and return-on-ad-spend.

Why did we Build the Product Title Performance Grader?

PPC and SEM experts working on Google Shopping report that Product Title is the most important aspect of your data feeds performance. In matching consumers' searches, Google pays extra attention to the Product Title with a particular emphasis on the keywords at the beginning.

Some leading experts like Andreas Reiffen of Crealytics, as reported in his excellent webinar Reverse Engineering Google Shopping, have gone as far as conducting statistically valid tests that prove the impact of Product Titles.

All of this is great information but it doesn’t tell the retailer where to spend the time and effort optimizing titles. Without something specific, an ecommerce retailer’s reaction is, quite understandably, “Sure, I’ll get to this after everything else I have to do.” Plus, even with as few as a hundred products, it’s quite an effort to fix all of them in one go if you’re doing it manually – so where do you start?

The fundamental thing we saw missing was a Quantitative, Numerical Measure of Product Title Quality in a Data Feed.

With such a measure, we knew that we could:

1. Measure & Benchmark - to evaluate your Product Title against other retailers, and measure the quality of your titles over time.

2. Prioritize Effort - tell you which Product Titles to work on first, and which errors to fix in which order.

3. Estimate Performance Increase - provide an estimate of potential increases in Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, Conversions & ROAS if Product Titles are improved.

What results am I likely to get from improving my Product Titles?

Once you've run your data through our Grader, you'll get an Average Title Score measured as a percentage from 0-100. Based on our case studies, we've seen a relationship between our Average Title Score and improvements in clicks, sales, and other important KPI's. Look up your score in the table below to see:

1. How much your Product Titles may be costing you.

2. How much of an upside you could get if you improved your Product Titles.

Our most comprehensive and controlled case study to date shows that there is significant upside in improving titles.

Impact of Title Enhancement on Google Shopping KPI's

How is Your Score Calculated?

Below are the 20+ Product Title tests applied to each Product Title. We have written up some background on each test we are currently using. If you’re interested we encourage you to explore these tests in detail.

Compliance Tests - Do your titles comply with the recommendations of all marketplaces & shopping channels?


Content Tests - Do your titles contain clean, clear & useful content in helping describe your product in a way search engines and human shoppers can understand?


Construction Tests - Are your titles constructed an optimal way for presentation online?

What You Get?

When you sign up for a free account you will be able to upload your product catalog and we will automatically calculate your Title Performance Score and generate a report. When the process is finished you will receive an email containing an attached PDF report with examples and explanation. This PDF will contain:

  1. A summary sheet with an Overall Score for your titles benchmarked against other companies.

  2. A checklist of 20+ different tests that details which tests were passed, how many of each error were found, and examples & explanations or each error.

  3. A link to a detailed set of spreadsheets with which products had which errors.

How Do I Try It?

Sign up for a free account here, then upload your product data. It can be your Google Shopping feed, your Amazon Product Feed, or any other type of product catalog you use. The only restrictions are that it must be in .xls or .xlsx format, and it must be no greater than 100,000 SKUs. Not bad for a free tool right?





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