FindWAtt's Google Product Taxonomy Search Tool

Dan Barbata · 24 September 2018

FindWAtt is happy to announce the new Google Product Taxonomy Search Tool that allows you to quickly find the Google Product Category that you're looking for when classifying your products.

Our tool is much different from the simple matching tools you've seen before. Our tool is linked to our knowledge base, which contains thousands of categorized product types. So when you do a search for text not literally in the category path, you still get results.

With other tools, a search for "bathing suit" will find nothing because Google's product category is: Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Swimwear. We also provide this exact match capability to illustrate the difference:

But our Google Product Taxonomy Search Tool understands which words and product types correspond to which categories. So a search for "bathing suit" will find Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Swimwear, as will searches like "board shorts," "bikini," or "swim trunks."

We encourage you to check out the tool. We've found it very useful in doing our product content improvement projects and hope you will find it equally useful.


Why Categorization is Important

Categorizing your products to Google's taxonomy is important because it helps Google understand what your products are. If you're selling Automotive Paint and your Product Title just says: OEM Touch Up Paint - Cherry Red

Google won't necessarily know what kind of paint it is. So categorizing it into Vehicle Maintenance, Care & Decor > Vehicle Paint rather than just Painting Consumables > Paint, will help them match your product to the right search queries.


Official Links:

Here is Google's official Product Taxonomy


Here are some download links from Google:

Excel sheet (.xls)

Plain text (.txt)




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