Case Study: Optimizing Product Titles for Google Shopping

Enhancing product titles resulted in 151% more clicks, a 47% increase in CTR & a 28% reduction in CPC.

FindWAtt Team · 20 September 2017

Improvement to FindWatt Title Quality Score Correlate to strong improvements in Google Adwords Shopping Campaign Metrics

The Problem

Our client suspected that their product titles were limiting the effectiveness of their Google Shopping campaigns. They could see that their product titles were causing sub-par performance in terms of PPC. They had tried to fix this problem by hand-crafting the titles for some of their products and did have some initial success by doing this. But they were overwhelmed at the prospect of manually changing titles for all 100,000 products in their catalog.

Our Diagnosis

We ran their entire catalog through our 20 Test Product Title Grader, and the result was a poor score of 86%. This confirmed that there was great potential for improving product titles across the catalog by adding key attributes to product titles. We knew that if we made changes to their product titles that would achieve a higher score on our Product Title Grader, they would achieve improvements in Google Shopping Key Performance Indicators.

How We Did It

We set up a test that took 1,200 products and created 2 groups of products which had the same number of cumulative impressions. We wanted to test our enhanced titles against a control group of unchanged titles so we used our enhanced titles in one of the groups and left the other group unchanged. A large selection of products enabled us to reach statistical significance in 23 days. The test period was from 8/8/2017 to 8/31/2017.

Expanding Product Title

The 600 titles in the enhanced group were expanded in length. We expanded them by adding information such as product type, brand, model, and finish. We did different things to different titles to test a variety of things, but all the products in the enhanced group got some sort of expansion. The average length of title in this group went from 37 to 55 characters, an average change of +18 characters.

Example Titles with Added Attributes and Improved Product Type

Impact of Title Changes on Impressions

As expected, the enhanced titles had a far greater number of impressions than the non-enhanced ones.

Cumulative Impression Increase with P value of 0.0005

Impressions +70..8%

Impact of Title Changes on Clicks & Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

With clicks, the impact was even more dramatic because of the combination of a  proportional increase in the number of impressions and a nearly 50% increase in CTR.

Cumulative Click Increase with P value of 0.0001

Clicks went up 151.6%. Click-through-rate went up 47.3%


Impact of Title Changes on Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

We anticipated a possible decrease in the CPC and were pleasantly surprised that it dropped by nearly 30%. We and the client are jointly digging more deeply into what led to this magnitude of reduction. We will publish our findings either as an update to this post or as a new post.

Cost per click improved from $1.00 to $0.71

This case study demonstrates that you can drastically improve the performance of your Google Shopping Campaigns by improving your product titles. Impressions, clicks, CTR, and even CPC can be improved.

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