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Automatic Classification of Products into Categories

Tim Gilbert 2017-10-12
Why Product Categorization Matters and How It Can Be Done.

What Product Type Means to Your Customers and Why It Matters

Tim Gilbert 2017-10-06
Understanding and identifying product types in titles to improve impressions, clicks, and conversions

Pros and Cons of Automatic Product Title Fixing

Tim Gilbert 2017-10-03
The benefits, challenges, and implications of automatically fixing title problems

How Much Are Your Product Titles Worth?

Tim Gilbert 2017-10-01
Maximize the Value of e-Commerce Product Titles Using 2 Types of Words

Context is king — object-oriented analysis is the future

Tim Gilbert 2017-09-20
The biggest difference between a computer analyzing a title and a human analyzing a title is context. Human minds operate as pattern recognition... Read more

The simple difficult secret of Google Shopping PPC Profits

Tim Gilbert 2017-09-20
A young stock analyst went and visited a guru who had retired as extremely wealthy after a long career as investor. He told the guru that he... Read more

5 Ways to Measure Search Term Specificity in Adwords Shopping

Tim Gilbert 2017-09-14
Why Search Term Specificity Matters for Revenue This is in response to an idea for increasing Adwords Shopping Campaign revenue tested by Ed Leake... Read more

Fixing Product Titles: Problems with Replace-All & Custom Rules

Tim Gilbert 2017-09-11
Using any hard-coded approach to fixing product title problems won't find all errors, won't be efficient to maintain, and can cause new errors... Read more

Want a Little-Known Formula to Estimate Profit per Search Term?

Tim Gilbert 2017-09-11
Most people miss the key piece of information when they want to find out how much money each search term is earning or costing. Everyone knows to... Read more

How to Match Search Terms in Your SQR to Data Feed Products

Tim Gilbert 2017-09-11
Why should I care? Does it matter whether I know to which products my search terms direct customers? Yes, if you want more insight into your... Read more