3 Big Reasons Why Agencies Hire Us for our Independent Product Content Analysis

Andrew Griffiths · 25 September 2018

Like most people, we’re so into our “stuff” that we love to talk about the clever things we do. However, as we’ve worked with Digital Marketing Agencies we’ve learned that the following benefits are why they sign up for our Automatic Product Content Analysis.

Winning New Agency Business


For sizable retailer accounts, where Digital Marketing Agencies are billing thousands or tens of thousands in fees every month, winning a new contract usually involves displacing a competitor.
While enhancing Product Content Quality is typically only a small element of an agency’s proposal, showing that the current content (e.g. Google Feed) quality leaves a lot to be desired can add a distinctive edge – particularly as it demonstrates that the current agency is overlooking this key driver of ecommerce performance.
Using FindWAtt’s automatic 15+page PDF report with 23 separate title tests – taking as little as 15 minutes to run – agencies can quickly provide a sophisticated summary of content deficiencies in a couple of slides.
For $25K+ agency annual revenue prospects with severe data deficiencies, some agencies ask us to develop custom proposals that include data enhancement for an additional fee that can be passed through or marked up by the agency.

Stopping Client Losses


According to the Harvard Business Review, winning new clients can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining existing clients. So, while winning new business is much “sexier” and exciting, stopping existing business from walking out of the door for preventable reasons is a critical revenue management strategy.
Consequently, even for agencies that play no part in improving content, making sure that poor product content quality is not sabotaging key marketing metrics such as CTR and ROAS is vital.
Agencies that do not – even as a minimum – monitor product content quality are essentially flying blind. And the risk of flying blind as an agency is that you may get dislodged by another agency that does take content quality into account.

Making sure that your product data really is being optimized


If someone tells you they do karate, most of us have a pretty good idea of questions to ask even if we’ve only seen it on TV – e.g. how long have you been doing it, what is your skill level (what “dan”), do you participate in competitions?
But knowing the questions to ask if someone tells you they do “data optimization” is not commonplace knowledge because few people do it. It’s virtually impossible to “see” other than on an anecdotal basis with few examples, and there are no agreed-on standards to measure the level of “data optimization.”
Consequently, if someone tells you they’ve “optimized your data” and “proves it” by showing you some examples, you are still flying blind in terms of knowing whether your data really has been optimized.
Many companies incorporate tools to improve product data into their broader SaaS offerings and some will enhance the data for you. These tools are powerful but have some significant limitations, for example:

  • One weakness of such tools is that they only test for errors that they can easily “fix,” so any “post-fix” analysis shows that all problems have been corrected. Difficult problems may remain “unfixed” and, worse, unidentified.
    • This weakness – where people only search where it is easiest to look is known as the streetlight effect, popularized by the well-known joke about looking for lost keys under a streetlight because “this is where the light is.”
  • Another key limitation we have seen in Product Title Optimization is that fixes are applied on a global basis irrespective of category and/or simply involve attaching other attributes to the existing title without regard for duplication, sequence, readability or common sense.

Agencies wanting to make sure their data truly is being optimized use FindWAtt to provide an independent and impartial assessment of any optimization that is being done on their behalf.




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